Turn a Quick Referral into Financial Gain for

School Programs, Sports Teams, and Kid-Focused Projects!

MiddleHIGH Media allows kids, parents, and school administrators to be more active in raising funds for programs and events through monthly marketing and app-related products designed to put real funds into their collective pockets.

We Help Build Stronger,

Sustainable Communities

 Empowering Kids and Parents through Proactive Referrals

How it Works

Three Simple Steps to Get Started!


Choose which product(s) you’d like to market toward groups or parents.


Import email and phone lists to create consistent lead generation.


Launch your marketing strategy and watch as sign ups and money roll in.

A Special, Parent-Approved Debit Card for Kids!

When you sign up and start participating your child will receive their very own prepaid Visa card that lets them spend their allowance or savings in online stores that parents can approve in advance. This helps build their self confidence and promotes early financial learning, while allowing parents to monitor, accept, or decline transactions.

Hands-On Financial Education

This program allows children to learn the value of money very early on to create good habits about saving, investing, and working hard for their future success; all while allowing parents to control the entire system and automatically add an allowance to their Visa card. They’ll be able to learn about interest, how to create savings, how giving to charities can make a difference, and more!

An award-winning app that helps parents proactively monitor more than a dozen social media networks and platforms. You’ll be able to help protect children against cyber bullying, correct poor behavior, better manage time spent online, ensure personal information being shared is limited, and gain peace of mind that your child is being safe online.

Smart, Preemptive Protection

The most important aspect of the Troll Ender app is that it lets you intercept negative or harmful social media posts or messages before problems get out of hand. It also allows you to teach them about how to safely use their social media accounts in a positive manner. You’ll able to discretely monitor text messages, emails, and interactions to safeguard against inappropriate content or behaviors.

The MHM Mission

Technology and financial systems are rapidly evolving, changing the way we communicate, make purchases, and interact with one another. We want to help parents better prepare for the future by giving them the tools to proactively monitor and educate their middle and high school students with safe, confidence-building boundaries.

Schools and PTA/PTO

School PTA and PTO staff can raise much-needed funds for school functions, after-school programs, and holiday events by referring our products to families or donors.


Scouts and Similar Clubs

Young boy and girl scouts across the country can help their local charter organizations thrive by referring our products, leading to increased support for outdoor adventures!

Sports Clubs and Affiliations

Sports teams and league affiliates can earn money for new uniforms, league dues, travel fees, and more, all with real-time tracking and monthly payouts, for sustainable support.

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